(English) Space, territory and technological innovation in the CEUs

Article by Adriano Belisário, Circe Gama Monteiro, Giseli Vasconcelos, Jéssica Miranda, Maíra Brandão, Ricardo Borges Brasileiro and Ricardo Ruiz Freire.


The current challenges in the field of technological innovation are discussed on the notion of smart cities.The experiences with open innovation citizen laboratories for social transformation of the Sensitive Cities Laboratories – LabCEUs, from Brazil, is discussed in this text: an approach of technological innovation is introduced, a political and institutional landscape is shaped regarding the spaces in which such laboratories are inserted; and the experiences of InCiti – Research and Innovation for the Cities at the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) on emergent urbanism rises the discussions about a city as a learning spaces, using technologies as model for a community based technological innovation perspective. It is a reflection on potential issues to be deployed in cultural and technological actions and policies.


Digital inclusion, Smart cities, Sensitive Cities, Ministry of Culture of Brazil, Brazil.

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